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TV Rental or Finance With Bad Credit

A look at what is available for people with poor credit history.

If you’ve ever tried to buy something like a TV on finance with bad credit, you’ll know just how difficult it can be.

Even if the issues that caused your bad credit were a while ago now, and your recent payment history has been absolutely spotless, you’ll struggle to get a TV with bad credit if you’re trying to go the finance route.

What is bad credit?

A credit report is simply a file held against an individual that records historic behavior with the repayment of a debt/contract such as phones, loans and credit cards. Your report will have a credit score, which can either be good or bad.

To be deemed as having bad credit, this file would show a number of missed payments or outstanding money owed.

What causes bad credit?

  • Failing to stick to a credit agreement
  • Declaring bankruptcy
  • Choosing a credit card or agreement that is unaffordable
  • Being the subject of a County Court Judgement (CCJ)
  • Only paying the minimum each month
  • Identity theft
  • Having no credit history

So, what are your options?

We looked at how finance options worked, and how they didn’t take into account how people are doing now, and we thought it was unfair.

That’s why we offer the chance for anyone to access pay weekly TVs – bad credit or not.

Because we’re offering TV rental, rather than a finance agreement, we can do things differently. Even if you have bad credit, or no credit, we’re here to help.

Why do we accept people with bad credit?

Because “bad credit” doesn’t always mean you can’t afford something. The issues that caused your bad credit might be far behind you. What you can afford right now is far more important!

Can you get a pay weekly TV with no credit check?

Not exactly – we do need to carry out a credit check. But we don’t look at your credit score. All we’re interested in is your recent history. If you can afford your TV now, that’s all that matters.

How hiya! help people with poor credit

  • We are a 100% debt free option
  • No deposit
  • No delivery costs
  • No useless insurance, we provide free repairs ourselves
  • No unexpected or extra charges, just one affordable known weekly payment, not a sausage more
  • We partner with other firms to secure the best deals for you, all in attempt to reduce your living expenses
  • You do not pay a sausage until the day of delivery
  • We run frequent prize draws and giveaways
  • We’re family – talk to us if you have financial problems. We will help you, not scold you with fines

Take a look at our pay weekly TV options

Browse our catalogue today and start your application! It’s quick to fill out, and you’ll get your decision quickly too, with your TV in your home and ready to watch soon after!

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brilliant company and brilliant people….. been great shopping experience from start to finish with these …. highly recommended there always willing help

Chris Woodcock