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Pay Weekly TV – Finance or Hire?

What’s your best option for getting a cheap TV?

If you’re looking for a pay weekly TV that won’t set you back, there are a few options out there.

You could go down the smart TV on finance route – also known as buying on credit, or a rent to own or rent to buy TV, or similar. This means you essentially get a loan to buy your TV outright, then repay that loan on a weekly basis – plus interest.

Alternatively, you could go down the television rental route. Essentially, you rent a telly like you’d rent a car – you pay a flat weekly fee for the time you’re using it, then you give it back when you’re done.

So, which is better – rent or finance?

With rent to own, you own your TV – that’s good, right?

Not necessarily! The interest that comes with your rent to own loan means you’ll end up paying more for your TV than if you’d bought it outright – and by the time you’ve paid it off, it’ll be an outdated model! Good luck reselling it for the same amount you spent on it when it’s time to get a new one.

When you rent, you never own your TV – which isn’t for everyone. But it means you don’t have to pay out of pocket if it breaks, you don’t get hit with interest, and you can return it for a newer model when it’s time to upgrade.

TV hire is becoming more and more popular for these reasons – it’s much more flexible, accessible and affordable!

What about credit scores?

When you buy on finance, because it’s a loan, you’ll need a full credit check before you can buy – which might be a barrier for some people with a poor credit score.

When you rent, it’s a bit different. Because it’s just a rental agreement rather than a loan, you can get a pay weekly TV with no credit check – TV rental places will look at your credit report, but not your score.

It’s only your recent payment history that matters – not your credit history from years ago.

Pay monthly or pay weekly?

If you’re looking for a pay monthly TV, you’ll find plenty of options. But our thousands of customers all joined us on a pay weekly arrangement. Paying weekly lets you budget more easily in the short term, making smaller payments rather than your account taking a big hit. It’s ideal if you get paid weekly or fortnightly, for example. Over time, some of customers request a monthly arrangement – it’s up to you!

How much does a TV rental cost?

Our cheapest TV is currently a 43” at £6.99 per week which puts it amongst the cheapest in the market.

Uniquely though, there’s no interest rate to add, no late payment fines, no delivery or installation charges, and repairs are covered by us.

Ready to explore a pay weekly TV rental?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! At hiya!, we think we’re the best pay weekly TV company out there – we’re fast, affordable, and completely committed to doing the best by our customers.

Browse our pay weekly TV options to get started!

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