Why Hire/Rent?


When buy = debt, why would you buy?

The UK is moving quickly towards renting almost everything. Mobile phones, homes, cars/bikes/vans, home appliances…

WHY? Because it makes more sense!

OWN and you’re liable for fixing and replacing an outdated TV.

RENT and you get free repairs along the way, no debt, and an affordable regular amount to factor into your bills.

What are the options other than buying a TV with cash?

The first – get it on credit

We believe if buy = debt, why would you buy? Why get into debt and pay high interest rates?

Take a 50″4K ULTRA HD SmartTV that’s worth £500 today – what will it be worth in 36 months?

Let’s take a look at the depreciation meter…

Why Hire/Rent? hiya!

This is why we are passionate about renting.

The second – go with a rent-to-own company

This is where you pay weekly and at the end of the term you will own the TV – kind of like credit, but people with low credit scores can access it.

Unlike hiya!, rent-to-own stores make their money from charging interest on rented items, and interest rates can reach as high as 275% on certain items. On top of that, hidden fees drive up the costs even more. Repairs are chargeable, so is delivery. If you are late on a payment, you’ll get a late payment fee. If you decide to return the appliance, some rent-to-own stores will charge you a repossession fee on top of the late payment fee, meaning customers who are struggling the most are made to suffer further.

With hiya!, the pricing is the lowest it can be and we pay for delivery and repairs.

Why Hire/Rent? hiya!


The third – rent from another company

Why Hire/Rent? hiya!

We are always trying to find ways to reduce prices further. We don’t compromise on quality and make sure you get the best brands and the very latest TV technology. We throw in free delivery, installation, fantastic customer service, and free repairs.

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