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Aug 01

Different networks will offer a range of quality services from connection speeds to data packages to customer service, but – which network offers the best value for their customers? If you’re looking to save money and get the best deal on your mobile phone contract, here are some things to look out for.

The UK’s mobile phone retailers and networks will always be changing their deals to compete for your business so you should always shop around if you’re looking to spend as little as possible. Luckily there are comparison tools and sites that are continuously updated to show you the best deals without you having to hunt around too much.

Where can I compare phone package deals?

Comparison sites like uSwitch are really useful for comparing the deals on SIM only and mobile phone packages. You can browse by brand if you’re looking for a particular phone or find the lowest possible monthly cost. For most of these, you’ll still have to pass a credit check but they do have a special section for no-credit-check SIM-only deals – these are typically really short term lasting only 30 days at a time.

Money Saving Expert also have a range of resources to help you find the best phone deal – comparing retailers and network providers. Whether you need a cheap SIM or a new phone, they can find you a good deal. is a great place to find the best deals for phone and SIM-only contracts – you can also buy refurbished phones and even sell them your old one.

What sort of deals are out there?

Firstly, you should decide whether you want to pay monthly or pay as you go, and secondly, you should decide whether you want a phone package or a SIM-only package. With SIM-only packages, you only pay for the minutes, texts, and data – using your own phone or tablet – rather than paying more for a new phone or tablet. You can either pay monthly or pay as you go with SIM packages.

With phone contracts, you are typically tied into a 12- or 24- month contract with the network where you pay for monthly minutes, texts, and data as well as the cost of the phone over the contract period. You’ll be able to pick from all the latest smartphones and devices, but this package is just like buying something on finance, meaning you’ll have to pass a hard credit check to qualify, and they can be pricey.

Alternatively, you can still buy pay-as-you-go phones – they’re typically a lot cheaper – you buy the phone outright and top up your phone by purchasing credit for data, minutes, and texts as and when you need them. You’ll have a lot less choice and you won’t find the best quality smartphones available this way, but if you’re looking to spend as little as possible – this might be the right option for you.

Is there an alternative?

The reason why most people opt for a phone contract rather than a SIM-only is so that they can enjoy using a smartphone that they might not be able to afford outright. With the latest top-quality smartphones looking to set you back a few hundred pounds, 12- and 24-month phone contracts seem like the only alternative – but there’s another option…

At hiya! we offer the best mobile phone rental deals – we even offer tablets too! Without tying yourself into an expensive 12- or 24-month contract with a network provider who will do a hard credit check – you can still enjoy a smartphone or tablet by renting one. This means you can look out for a cheap SIM-only deal from whatever network you prefer and rent a phone or tablet from hiya! at a cheap weekly or monthly price.

When you reach the end of your rental agreement, we’ll either discount your weekly payment by 80% or offer you an upgrade to a better device for exactly the same rental price. If your device develops a fault, we’ll put it right or replace it for free.

Looking for pay monthly Nokia phones or tablets? We’re excited to offer an exciting range of the latest Nokia devices. Even if you’ve got a poor credit score, everyone has the opportunity to enjoy our Nokia phone deals – pay monthly or weekly, whatever works best for you. Learn more about our incredibly affordable Nokia tablet prices as well as our full range of cheap smartphone rentals by clicking the button below.

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