• Each time you visit your home page you’ll be greeting with the latest weather update for your area, temperature and the current date and time.

    You’ll also specially sourced deals that the Lifestyle Direct team have sourced especially for our customers.

    In addition to this we regularly feature articles reviewing apps that we feel work well on the TV or life hacks designed to help our customers save money.

  • Here you may receive messages from us from time-to-time. You’ll know when there is a new message because you will see a little number on the alarm icon.

    To review your alerts, select the Alerts icon using the remote control arrow keys and click the okay button, alternatively you can press the ‘Mouse’ button on the remote control and place the pointer over the Alert icon and then press okay.

    To ensure your privacy you will need to enter your pin number before being shown the alerts.

    Clicking on the alert that you wish to read will open it up for you to read, delete or choose from any options that the  alert may offer you.

    We won’t bombard you with alerts, you’ll just receive important messages concerning your account, such as order updates, deliveries, payments and any service related issues that we may be handling for you.

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  • We recommend that you use the ‘Support’ options on your TV when every you feel the need to contact us. This ensures the quickest and most efficient means of dealing with your support enquiry.

    Simply select the the support option, enter your pin if required, and choose from the options available to you.

    Under the ‘Customer Support’ option you are able to report a fault with your product, raise a general enquiry concerning your account, get help with your repayments or request for someone to call you back on a convenient day or time for you; all this with just a few clicks.

    Reporting a fault or raising and general enquiry is a simple matter of providing a few word to describe what it is you would like us to deal with.

    Raising a callback simply requires you to select a day and time that you would like us to call.

    You can also access product manuals and Frequently Asked Questions from the support pages, making this a really useful place for you to checkout if you have any queries related to the use of your product or even how things work with your account and the Lifestyle Upgrade Programme.
  • From your account page you can review your account details that we have on record. Provided details of any changes of home address, phone number or email address and if need be you can change the 4 digit pin you use to secure access to you personal information.

  • The ‘Payment’ option is what you select when you wish to make a payment or seek help with any problems that you may have making a payment.

    It is designed to give you as much flexibility as possible. When you click on the ‘Payment’ option it will show your recent payment history.

    It will also give you options to ‘Make a Payment’ and ask for ‘Help with Payments’

    Selecting the make a payment screen will open then payment options. We us PayPal’s secure Braintree payment gateway to process payments and so you will be able to opt to pay by either card or via your PayPal account.

    If you wish to extend your payment date or if you require support from one our trained support team, then we suggest that you opt to select the ‘Help with Payments’ option.

    Here you are given options to request a ‘Payment Extension’ or to ask for more complex ‘Payment Support’

    If we are able to offer you an automated payment extension you will see this above the ‘Payment Extension’ option, where it tells you the maximum number of days you may extend your payment for. Clicking on the ‘Payment Extension’ option will show you the date picker where you can select which day you would like to pay.

    Please note, if the maximum number of days that you can extend your payment by reads “0 days” or if you feel that you will need more time than this automated option offers then please don’t worry, simply select the ‘Payment Support’ and then request a callback, so that one of our trained support staff can help put in place a more appropriate payment plan.

    Selecting the ‘Payment Support’ will give you the option of choosing the best day and time for one of our trained support team to contact you.

    They will be able to work with you to put in place the best solution for both parties.

  • Please remember that we are here to support you with your needs for as long as you are a valued customer. We’ve provided this tailored My Account app to make it easy for you to manage your account and to ensure that we support you in the most efficient manner, allowing us to pass on any savings to you.

    We believe it will cover most of you needs but we’re not resting on our laurels. As we move forward we will be improving the App to make it smarter, with more features and more offers. We will also be launching iOS and online versions in due course.

    (Please note, screenshots shown are from the tablet version of the My Account app and screens may vary slightly from what you will see on your TV version.)