TV Rental or Finance With Bad Credit

A look at what is available for people with poor credit history.

What is bad credit?

A credit report is simply a file held against an individual that records historic behavior with the repayment of a debt/contract such as phones, loans and credit cards.

To be deemed as having poor credit, this file would show a number of missed payments or outstanding money owed.

    • Failing to stick to the credit agreement
    • Declaring bankruptcy
    • Choosing a credit card or agreement that is unaffordable
    • Being the subject of a County Court Judgement (CCJ)
    • Only paying the minimum each month
    • Identity theft
    • Having no credit history
    • We look at affordability.
    • Our checks are based upon affordability now – not the difficulties in your past!
  • No, there is an affordability check.

  • The best time to apply for a rental TV is when you can easily afford it. So when your incomings outweigh your outgoings.

  • All hiya! TVs are Ferguson/Cello, are ‘Smart’ (app and internet enabled) meaning you can stream music and videos, browse the internet, view photos and use apps to widen your TV and film choices – YouTube, Netflix, Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video. Use your TV to zoom for work or to see friends and family. The Smart TV is a mix of a computer, a television set, and the old set-top boxes.

    Both brands have rave reviews about the quality of their picture and sound and offer many ports for extra connectivity i.e. gaming.

    There are cheaper options still in our pre-loved section. These are our B-rated fully refurbished Smart TVs. Their functionality is not as high as our main range, but if you want a TV to be a TV and not a streaming or web browsing device, you’ll be perfectly happy.

    Our existing customers are also eligible to apply for iPhones and tablets.

  • No. Why you ask? Because we our customers will not benefit from owning a shabby old TV worth very little in 3 years time. Instead we offer;

    – You can hand it back and get a brand spanking new one in its place


    – With the money you saved choosing rent over RTO/finance (£497.64 based upon a 55”, 36 months, 2020 prices), you can buy yourself a new TV outright


    – Or if you’re still happy with the TV, you can carry on renting it, but we’ll reduce your payments by 25%

    Happy days!

    • We are a 100% debt free option
    • No deposit
    • No delivery costs
    • No useless insurance, we provide free repairs ourselves
    • No unexpected or extra charges, just one affordable known weekly payment, not a sausage more
    • We partner with other firms to secure the best deals for you, all in attempt to reduce your living expenses
    • You do not pay a sausage until the day of delivery
    • We run frequent prize draws and giveaways
    • We are your family, talk to us if you have financial problems – we will help you not scold you with fines

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brilliant company and brilliant people….. been great shopping experience from start to finish with these …. highly recommended there always willing help

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