Say No To RTO

Why others in our market keep getting into trouble!

Why RTO stores keep getting into trouble

We at hiya! are proud to be accredited by the (Financial conduct Authority) FCA. There are some FCA rules that do not relate to our Company, but we follow them because we feel they are best practice to protect our customers.

So why do other Companies keep getting into trouble?...

Snippet from the FCA:

“In November 2018, we consulted on introducing a price cap in the rent-to-own (RTO) market to address harm from high prices paid by vulnerable consumers.

We have been tackling issues in the RTO market since we took over regulation of consumer credit in 2014. We have made RTO firms be more transparent when they show the cash value of goods, the amount of interest to be paid, and the total cost to customers."

*Note, the total credit cap is 100%

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  • Our brand mission at hiya! is to help customers improve their financial position. We do this by offering a rental option rather than credit, securing the best prices we can to pass onto you, by working with other suppliers to provide exclusive deals to reduce living expenses. We still have a long way to go with our mission so watch this space!

    RTO firms have no such mission. Here is why we “Say no, to RTO”

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  • No. Why? Because we believe our customers will not benefit from owning a shabby old TV worth very little in 3 years time. Instead we offer;

    – You can hand it back and get a brand spanking new one in its place


    – With the money you saved choosing rent over RTO/finance (£497.64 based upon a 55”, 36 months, 2020 prices), you can buy yourself a new TV outright


    – Or if you’re still happy with the TV, you can carry on renting it, but we’ll reduce your payments by 25%

    Happy days!

“Absolutely amazing company, I highly recommend. Fast delivery, excellent products and affordable payments. If you have any issues whatsoever, Rebecca and all the team are on hand to help in anyway they can. Five-star service.”

- Sarah Jackson