Pay weekly TV – Finance or Rent?

What's the best option for getting a cheap TV?

If you can buy a cheap TV with cash, then do!

According to TechRadar you can pick up a cheap 43 inch smart TV from £349 upwards.

As always, watch out for any extra costs being added on top i.e. delivery or installation charges/ insurance

If not, here are some other options....

  • If you can’t stump up the cash right now, your options are to rent or take out finance. Commonly referred to as ‘rent to own’.

    “Finance is also referred to as Credit or RTO (Rent-to-own) or rent-to-buy” it means you get a loan to buy the TV, you pay back the loan over the period. The repayments consistent of paying for the cost of the asset/TV, plus interest, plus any extra costs that get added once you commit i.e. delivery/insurance/repairs.

    TV Rental is a refreshing alternative and still quite new in the UK. Why when we rent our homes, our cars and our mobile phones?

    With rent you make one weekly payment and that is it, not a sausage more!

    No deposit, no delivery costs, no repair costs. Just one weekly payment.


  • With RTO firms, you will pay more for the same product.

    So you would only get a TV on a RTO agreement if you wanted to keep it – but why? We offer our customers 3 options, all better than being able to say you own a shabby old TV.

    – You can hand it back and get a brand spanking new one in its place


    – With the money you saved choosing rent over RTO/finance (£497.64 based upon a 55”, 36 months, 2020 prices), you can buy yourself a new TV outright


    – Or if you’re still happy with the TV, you can carry on renting it, but we’ll reduce your payments by 25%

    Happy Days :0)

  • To summarise, renting your TV works out cheaper, its less complicated, faster, does not involve debt, does not concern itself with your credit score and is simple, no nasty surprises!

  • Our thousands of customers all joined us on a pay weekly arrangement. Over time, some of customers are so good at keeping up with payments and request a monthly arrangement.

  • The cheapest TV is a 43” at £5.99 per week which puts it amongst the cheapest in the market.

    Uniquely though, there’s no interest rate to add, no late payment fines, no delivery or installation charges and repairs are covered by us. When you get a new TV you are often paying for much more than the TV, retailers use these smoke and mirrors to take more money from your pocket after they’ve hooked you in with a “cheap” TV price tag.

  • Choose your TV  – Fast online application – Fast decision  – get your TV delivered and installed for free within 48 hours

  • Choose your TV  – Fast online application – Fast decision  – get your TV delivered and installed for free within 48 hours 

    In over 96% of cases the application will be approved within 45 minutes. However, we recommend you allow up to 24 hours before contacting us as we do respond to all applications.

  • Here’s why we think we at hiya! are the best pay-weekly TV Company…


    Our Promise To You

    • We will always respond to your needs in a timely manner.
    • You’ll enjoy the lowest possible weekly prices.
    • Your TV will be fitted with an anti-theft device, protecting you and making the TV traceable and useless after theft
    • We’ll provide free service and repair cover for as long as you stay with us.
    • We’ll make it easy for you to make a card payment via your TV.
    • Your goods will also be protected from accidental damage, fire and flood at no extra cost.
    • We’ll make it easy for you manage your account on your TV.
    • You’ll always be treated fairly and with the utmost respect
    • We’ll keep your information safe and secure and will not share it with any third party, unless you request us to do so.
    • We won’t limit the number of family and friends that you can recommend, for which you’ll get two weeks of free rental for each one that becomes a customer!
  • With hiya! You can easily apply to rent a TV, for 18 month terms or longer.

  • Yes, our checks are based upon affordability now – not the difficulties in your past!

How to get cheap TV rental with hiya!

Fast online application – Fast decision  – get your TV delivered and installed for free within 48 hours.

Choose your TV

brilliant company and brilliant people….. been great shopping experience from start to finish with these …. highly recommended there always willing help

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