Looking For A Pay-Weekly TV Store Near You?

How much closer can you get? We are in your pocket, in your home, next to you on the sofa – yes we are online!

The old dusty high streets are in the past – why should we expect you to pay for our rent, council rates, utilities etc? Us being online means you only pay for the TV.

Another reason we made that decision is because we wanted to be available at all times – 9-5 doesn't work for many of our customers who have children or work at those times.

Our people are dedicated, hard-working and always there for you. We are contactable 24/7/365 - Phone, email, app, messenger.

Our team members will become your friends, you’ll become ours; join the hiya! family.

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  • Once you’re approved, our lovely team deliver your TV within 48 hours – and if you like, we’ll even set it up for you!

    How much more ‘near’ or ‘local’ can you get?!

  • No. We value our customers and do not believe they will not benefit from ‘owning’ a shabby old TV worth very little in 3 years time. Instead we offer;

    – You can hand it back and get a brand spanking new one in its place


    – With the money you saved choosing rent over RTO/finance (£497.64 based upon a 55”, 36 months, 2020 prices), you can buy yourself a new TV outright


    – Or if you’re still happy with the TV, you can carry on renting it, but we’ll reduce your payments by 25%

    Happy days!

  • Smart (app and internet enabled), Led/Oled 4k Wifi, 43 inch – 63 inch

    Cello & Ferguson

    Refurbished or new

    The choice is yours! Shop now.

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Amazing service, lovely friendly staff! Love my new TV at an affordable price.

Beckii Clarke