Cheap TV

If you can buy a cheap TV with cash, then do! If not, here are some other options....

If you can buy - do!

According to TechRadr you can pick up a cheap 43 inch smart TV from £349 upwards.

Our advice? If you can buy it with cash – do it.

Do watch out for any stings i.e. delivery or installation charges/ insurance add-ons.

If you can’t stump up the cash right now, your options are to rent or take out finance (commonly referred to as ‘rent to own’ or 'RTO').

  • Smart (app and internet enabled), Led/Oled 4k Wifi, 43 inch – 63 inch

    Cello & Ferguson

    Refurbished or new

    The choice is yours!

  • The cheapest TV is a 43 inch at £5.99 per week which puts it amongst the cheapest in the market. Uniquely though, there’s no interest rate to add, no late payment fines, no delivery or installation charges and repairs are covered by us. When you get a new TV you are often paying for much more than the TV, retailers use these smoke and mirrors to take more money from your pocket after they’ve hooked you in with a “cheap” TV price tag.

    Our mission was instead to be truly cheap and to be transparent.

  • There are cheaper options still in our pre-loved section. These are our B Rated fully refurbished Smart TVs. Their functionality is not as high as our main range, but if you want a Tv to be a TV and not a streaming or web browsing device, you’ll be perfectly happy.

  • All hiya! TVs are Ferguson/Cello, are ‘Smart’ (app and internet enabled) meaning you can stream music and videos, browse the internet, view photos and use apps to widen your TV and film choices – YouTube, Netflix, Disney and Prime Video. Use your TV to zoom for work or to see friends and family.  The Smart TV is a mix of a computer, a television set, and the old set-top boxes.

    Both brands have rave reviews about the quality of their picture and sound and offer many ports for extra connectivity i.e. gaming.

  • Our brand mission at hiya! is to help customers improve their financial position. We also believe you should be entitled to the best services and products too.

    We therefore work hard to keep our rental prices as low as possible, do not add any extra costs and work with other service providers to get exclusive deals for our TV customers, such as broadband and insurance.

  • If you are going to buy outright. You might find a good deal at Argos or We refuse to lead anyone down the path of debt so have no recommendations for credit (finance) options. Where can you rent a low cost but high quality TV? – hmmmmm, let me think….. Hiya!

How to get cheap TV with hiya!

Fast online application – Fast decision – get your TV delivered and installed for free within 48 hours.

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Fast service, very friendly staff, good quality. Very happy with my new TV… thanks!

Danny Green